Camslinger Stuff Bag 30 – ideal for pancake lenses, batteries, etc.

The Cosyspeed Camslinger camera bags are revolutionary. Wear your camera like a western
hero wears his beloved revolver. Your camera (and depending on what model a lens as well)
is secured against bumps, dust and splashes. You’ll get fast, one handed access to your camera, can wear your camera and lenses comfortably the whole day long and you’ll enjoy a new sense of freedom when “shooting” photos instead of a sore neck and back.

CosySpeed - Rapid Access Holster Bags

Camslinger Stuff Bag 30




Lens bag in use



Stuff bag attached



Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions:                    For pancake lenses or batteries, etc (70 x 70 x 35 mm)
  • In the box:                        1 x Stuff Bag 30
  • Material:                            Material is dust and splash resistant and contains no parts of animal origin.
  • Quality:                              Built to German quality standards.