Camslinger Streetomatic РQuick as a strap, Safe as a bag, Comfy as can be


The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is a new and unique Camera Bag Concept that is super Quick, super Safe and super Comfy. It was originally designed for Mirrorless Cameras, but you can of course use a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic for your small or mid-sized DSLR or Superzoom Camera. You can wear it super comfy at the hip or over your shoulder.

Wear your CAMSLINGER Streetomatic at the hip or over your shoulder


  • Street Photographers
  • Travel Photographers
  • Journalists
  • Family Photographers
  • Outdoor Photographers
  • Wedding Photographers

Do you use a sling strap?
Many photographers use a sling strap. You too? Are you amazed by the speed of the one-handed access to your camera? But on the other side you would wish to have your gear safe against rain and bumps when not in use? Then the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is the perfect solution for you!